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Product > Rigel Series 593.5 nm Yellow Laser Pointer


593.5 nm Yellow Laser Pointer

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Rigel Series Yellow Laser Pointer

The Rigel's unique yellow colour truly captivates the eye, making it one of our favourite products. Using solid state sum frequency generation technology miniaturized into a 593.5 nm laser pointer the Rigel is truly a technological marvel. For those who want something more unique than red or green, Rigel provides a perfect warm golden tone, it's like holding your own miniature sun!

Key Features:

  • Starting at: $399
  • Output Power: 0.6 mW - 4.9 mW
  • Expected Life: 3000-5000 hours
  • Wavelength: 593.5 nm (yellow)
  • Key Feature: Rare yellow laser
  • Casing: Solid Brass with pocket clip
  • Package Includes: Portable laser, aluminum carrying case, instructions/warranty.
  • Safety Info: Complies with Class IIIa regulations.
  • Duty Cycle: 30 sec. on/15 sec. off

Specifications & Technical Drawings

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(GRI-GRI Specification Sheet)