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Machine Vision

Machine vision uses sensors (cameras), processing hardware and software algorithms to automate complex or mundane visual inspection tasks and precisely guide handling equipment during product assembly. A machine vision system will work tirelessly performing 100% online inspection, resulting in improved product quality, higher yields and lower production costs. Consistent product appearance and quality drives customer satisfaction and ultimately market share.

The main reason is that improper illumination results in loss of information which, in most cases, cannot be recovered via software. Therefore the selection of quality lighting components is of primary importance: there is no software algorithm capable of revealing features that are not correctly illuminated.

To make the most appropriate choice, one must consider many different parameters, including:

- Lighting geometry
- Light source type
- Wavelength
- Surface property of the material to be inspected or measured (e.g. color, reflectivity)
- Item shape
- Item speed (online or offline application)
- Mechanical constraints
- Environment considerations
- Cost

Machine Vision

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