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Smart Trigger Safety Control Kit

Motion/Proximity Detection

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According to the Labour Bureau, there are on average 71 fatalities related to cranes, 97,000 forklift accidents, and countless non-fatal and near miss accidents. Current hazard awareness usually involves the use of either stickers or painted lines, both which wear and require constant maintenance, or the use of audible alarms, which are easily drowned out in noisy plant environments.

Laserglow’s Smart Trigger Safety Sensor Kit are designed to work with our SafetyCast Series of products to offer a new way to mitigate potentially tragic accidents. Using either motion or beak break sensors, a smart controller is able to detect motion /proximity of pedestrians or heavy machinery and trigger illumination of lights or virtual signs.


• Motion sensors scan for directional traffic and trigger a flashing light/virtual sign when it's detected
• Infrared beam break sensors trigger a flashing light/virtual sign when a beam is broken
• Bright SafetyCast hazard illumination lights or Virtual Sign Projectors projects directly down on the floor and is easily visible to both forklift drivers/operators and pedestrians
• Lights/signs shut down when traffic is clear and sensors continue scanning for activity
• Detects traffic and warns of collisions:
• Provide ideal guidance for dock approach, load stacking and off-loading
• Reduce incidents of human error causing cargo/ truck/ dock damage
• Reduce possible injury to dock handlers


• Smart Trigger Controller
• Aluminum Enclosure
• Dimensions: 7.4 in x 4.7 in x2.05 in
• Waterproof Rating: IP65
• Sensors
o 15m Single Beam Break Photoelectric Sensor - IP67
o 30m Dual Beam Break Photoelectric Sensor - IP55
o 12 m x 12 m Indoor PIR Motion Detector
o 15 m x 15 m Outdoor PIR Motion Detector IP54