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DockLine - Truck Docking Assistance Laser


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Truck Docking Assistance Laser
The Dockline System is the perfect truck and trailer docking assistant. These lasers provide the driver with clear, visible indicators to assist in dock approach, reduce docking time, cargo damage and reduce possible injury to dock handlers.

Key Features:

  • ● Projects highly visible red or green lines for visibility in all lighting conditions ( best results during dawn and dusk)
  • ● Eye Safe – IEC/FDA class IIIB/3R
  • ● Adjustable mounting bracket allows for easy positioning of the beam on the floor
  • ● Projection Type: Line
  • ● Water Resistant: IP68

  • Possible Projection Configurations:
  • ● Single Projection Beam
  • ● Dual Beam Projections – laneway projection

  • Benefits:
    • ● Provide ideal guidance for dock approach, load stacking and off-loading
    • ● Reduce incidents of human error causing cargo/ truck/ dock damage
    • ● Reduce possible injury to dock handlers

    • Specifications:
      • ● Output Power: up to 40 mW
      • ● Available Colours: Red/ Green
      • ● Available Beam Projections: Line
      • ● Eye Safe – IEC/FDA class IIIB/3R
      • ● Input Voltage: 3V DC (AC power supply supplied)
      • ● Beam Spread Angle: various (up to 100°)
      • ● Mounting: Multiple 1/4-20 and M4 mounting points
      • ● Dimensions: 229x98x234 mm (9” x 3.9” x 9.2”)
      • ● Operating Temperature: -10 to + 40° C
      • ● Material: Aluminum
      • ● Waterproof Rating: IP68
      • ● Working Lifetime: up to 8,000 hours

      • The Hazard Safety Projection Series was developed to address the safety concerns in warehouses, dock and loading areas, or any industrial workplace area where heavy mobile equipment shares workspace with pedestrians. These products were researched and developed by Laserglow in conjunction with some of the leading lighting manufacturers in the industry.

Specifications & Technical Drawings

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DockLine - Truck Docking Assistance Laser

(HDL-BW3 Specification Sheet)